About Us

After some years of breeding dogs, we went to the cats. In 1999 AutumSun Bobtails became the home of the American Bobtails. Our SGC Hershey Kiss was the first International champion cat for the breed in TICA. When we moved to Tennessee, we added an Oriental longhair cat. Over the years we really learned t appreciate the longhair versions of the Siamese and Oriental. We have now decided to breed these "slinkies".

We enjoy living with and breeding Balinese and Oriental longhairs. They are often called the lazy man's longhair as the hair is medium short with some body fringe and a beautiful plumey tail. They show their affection freely and cuddle nicely especially to their owner(s).

We, at AutumSun, want our cats to excel no matter if they are show cats or just cuddled pets. Our desire is to breed the best and healthiest cats in both temperament and conformation. Our cats are socialized to be family members and often sleep at the foot of the bed.



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